World of Beer - Fairfax

World of Beer - Fairfax

Tuesdays @ 8:00 PM EST


Rules 1. No electronic devices! 2. No shouting out of answers. 3. Your host makes the rules. Team Size: 35 players Game Play: Five rounds of questions with 4 worksheet rounds in between. Questions are progressive and increase in difficulty and value during each round. At the end of each round is a bonus question that uses a wager system. You can then pickup a worksheet round to gain additional points while the host is scoring the round. Bonus rounds come in four different forms: 1. Puzzle 2. Picture 3. Fill In the Blank 4. Music Scoring: Question rounds: Question 1 is worth 1 point, question 2 is worth 2 points... Ten questions per round. Worksheet rounds: A perfect score on any worksheet round is usually 20 points. Incorrect answers: No penalty in the first 10 questions of a round. Bonus question: If you get the bonus question correct, then we add the points you wagered to your score. But, if you get the bonus question wrong, then the wager is subtracted from your score.

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