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Dinosaur Bar-B-Que

Tuesdays @ 8:00 PM EST
Geeks Who Drink

Motorino Pizzeria

Tuesdays @ 8:00 PM EST
Geeks Who Drink


Wednesdays @ 9:00 PM EST
Geeks Who Drink

The Rock Shop

Wednesdays @ 8:30 PM EST
Beat the Geek Trivia

Play Trivia in Brooklyn

It’s difficult not to think about Brooklyn style pizza when one mentions the popular borough. The city came to be about in the year of 1883 and since then has evolved into the thriving and modernized hub of entrepreneurs it is known as today. That isn’t to say that Brooklyn hasn’t played an important part in American culture and history. In fact, the city is influential in the areas of theatre, cinema, and literature. Besides pizza and theatre, Brooklyn also has an exciting trivia scene. Tourists and locals join up and battle it out at weekly trivia nights!   

The Top 4 Trivia Places in Brooklyn

  1. Dinosaur Bar-B-Que – Dinosaur Bar-B-Que is a restaurant and blues venue combined. It’s worth coming here for the Peanut Butter Pie alone. Unfortunately, you won’t find any dinosaurs, but you will be able have to an enjoyable session of trivia every Tuesday night!
  2. Motorino Pizzeria – For those on the hunt for the perfect slice, Motorino Pizzeria has got you covered. From classic favorites like Pepperoni to innovative pies like the Don Dom. You won’t be disappointed.
  3. Schimanski – A chic and cool atmosphere is what you’ll experience at Schimanski. Try the epic brunch and come back later for some trivia fun!
  4. The Rock Shop – This place will definitely “rock” your socks off. Aside from the great customer service, pool tables and atmosphere, the foods pretty “Rockin” as well. Try their famous chicken wings!