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Washington, DC: Trivia in the Capital

As the capital of the United States, Washington has big shoes to fill. Many of the world’s largest and most renowned technology companies are based in Washington and include Amazon, Facebook, Google, and Microsoft. Also being home to the White House and other iconic attractions, the state plays a significant political role. Nearly as important as the White House is Washington’s involvement in the trivia scene. Political figures and locals need a break every now and again. The best way to achieve that is by participating in a night of trivia. Grab your phones and get ready for the round to start!

The Top 14 Trivia Spots in Washington

  1. The Pub & The People – Hungry for something delectably delicious? Wanting an establishment that provides top-notch service? Head down to DC’s top rated neighborhood bar. Try the Black Bean Burger; you’ll be back again before you know it!
  2. Kingfisher DC – Kingfisher DC provides freshly popped popcorn and a variety of board games to keep you entertained. For drinks, customers choose from an extensive drink menu full of beers, wines, cocktails, and shots.
  3. Walter’s Sports Bar – Great décor, amazing hot wings, and affordable drinks. What more could anyone ask for?
  4. The Bier Baron Tavern – Those who have a strong passion for beer will truly appreciate the Bier Baron Tavern. With over 500 different types of bottled beer from around the world, you’ll have to come back time and time again for a chance to taste them all. Beer lovers unite!
  5. Chads Friendship Heights – Chads Friendship Heights has the king of all appetizers. The massive nachos, wings, and potato skins are all worth trying!
  6. Public Bar -- Attentive staff, cheap drinks, and tasty food. This place is sure to please!
  7. Justin’s Café – Justin’s Café is like no other! Friendly staff and a great atmosphere. The Home Run Sliders and wings are great foods for trivia.
  8. Buffalo Billiards – Buffalo Billiards takes the art of billiards seriously! Pool isn’t your thing? Shuffleboard, ping-pong, and trivia are some other activities available. Refuel on some Buffalo Chicken Dip or a couple of Cheeseburger Sliders.
  9. Penn Social – Looking for a night out? Penn Social has got you covered. Live music, signature drinks and a food menu full of appetizers. Order a plate of nachos if you feel like sharing! (Or not).
  10. Bulldog Tavern – Famous for their burgers, coffee and beer, they don’t disappoint. Or switch it up and try an order of wings instead. An even better suggestion? Stay for trivia night. It’s been voted best in the district!
  11. The Prospect – The food served at The Prospect is a step up from your classic bar food. Try the Venison Nachos! Eat here once, and this place will be a guaranteed “prospect” for many future outings.  
  12. Meridian Pint – The Meridian Pint is home to a variety of American classics. If you’re searching for comfort food or the perfect burger, you’ve found the place. Don’t forget to stay for trivia night!  
  13. DC Reynolds – Besides having the best happy hour in the entire city, DC Reynolds is a perfect place to host trivia night. Munch on some Spicy Pork Fat Popcorn and sip on a cocktail while you play!
  14. Mad Fox Taproom – The Mad Fox Taproom offers an overall warm and inviting atmosphere. Hungry patrons get to choose from a generous list of food and drink items. With so many options, you have no choice but to come back again and again!